All of PCI's natural treats are produced at PCI owned & operated factories, either in the USA or China. Being that we produce all of our own products, we are in complete control of every product from the time we purchase the raw materials until the finished product is shipped from our Los Angeles based warehouse. Therefore we are positive that our products are cooked thoroughly, which is the most important part of production. We are also positive that there are no undesired or unintended ingredients. We cut no corners and spare no expense in purchasing or production to ensure premium end products. All of our chicken produced at PCIC Ltd. (Pet Center, Inc., China Ltd.) is chicken which is intended for human consumption. The chicken is bought from CIQ (equivalent of USDA in the USA) approved facilities. All of our products come under supervision of the FDA and USDA. Also, PCI orders testing of its products to be absolutely sure that our products are safe for our customer's pets as well as our own (we all feed PCI treats to our pets with confidence).

Furthermore...PCI has been manufacturing 100% natural treats for over 20 years We were the first company to sell and create a market for chicken breast products in the USA. In all that time we can say proudly that we have never had a recall any of our products.

Please continue to feed PCI treats with the assurance that they are more than suitable for your pet.

Thank you for being a concerned pet owner and contact us freely with any further questions or concerns.


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