BEEF-N-HIDE®…this patented (Patent #5,897,893) chew is 100% beef jerky wrapped around a rolled rawhide retriever. It is a real raw hide retriever with real beef jerky that is slipped on raw and then slow cooked onto the retriever capturing all the juices and flavor. This is the real deal- only natural with no preservatives and not painted on like so many others out there. The retriever is all rolled and does not contain small, filler pieces of rawhide. This innovative product gives dogs an immediate beef jerky treat, as well as hours of enjoyment with the remaining retriever. Made in USA

Available either individually shrink-wrapped, or packaged.

BEEF JERKY™…is REAL Beef Jerky! That’s right….it’s made from real beef and is dehydrated slowly, locking in flavor. There’s nothing more to be said…it’s 100% Beef Jerky and….DOGS LOVE IT!!! Made in USA

Available in 2 ounce packs and 6 ounce packs.

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